Business compliance and planning

Business owners have a lot to take care of and tax and business planning don’t always get the attention deserved.  We proactively offer advice and innovative ideas to help set up your business for success. We specialize in the professional services, construction and related services, manufacturing and real estate industries.

High-net-worth individuals

Individuals with personal and business investments have additional considerations and need timely advice.  We work to advise year-around and collaborate with other professional advisors to have a solid team working for you.

U.S. citizens living abroad

U.S. citizens living abroad face many challenging issues including how to comply with U.S. tax rules and foreign disclosures.  Proactive planning and awareness of the requirements affecting worldwide assets can lessen the additional disclosures and allow for the lowest world-wide taxation. We also offer planning for the long-term including gift and estate issues.

Foreign investments in U.S. property

Individuals and businesses making investments in U.S. real property need awareness of the structure considerations, worldwide tax affects and additional concerns affecting cross-border investments. We offer advise on setup and structuring, federal and state tax preparation for investors and developers and planning for compliance with the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.

Cross-border business expansion

The U.S. is an attractive market for businesses to enter.  The U.S.- Canada Income Tax Treaty has significant benefits.  Knowing how your business can benefit is essential.  We advise our clients on entity structure, federal and state tax considerations, business setup, and have resources to address legal, financing, immigration, employee and payroll issues.

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